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Welcome to ArabicTrans, where you get professional English Arabic translation, proofreading and editing, transcription, and Arabic text layout in DTP applications. With advanced skills in this language pair, I deliver bilingual English and Arabic translations with equal proficiency.

Hikmat Faraj

Reasonable prices

Rates depend on the type of source text. Technical or legal documents will demand a higher price than general purpose text. That is why I prefer to submit a quote based on a sample text, if that is possible.

Text formats

Translations can be delivered in the format of your choice. It could be in a word processor, a simple text file, an HTML document, a PDF file, or a *.eps file format, which covers translated text that needs to be embedded in a desktop publishing environment.

translation management software

To ensure consistency of quality and faster delivery, I employ Trados Freelance® and MultiTerm®. This is periodically updated to ensure that the most current versions are being used. Additional translation memory software systems will be added to expand the resources at hand, thereby addressing different client needs.


Here are a few of the type of work I can do for you:

Member of the Babylon Outreach Program for Translators
Babylon is inter alia a provider of English to Arabic translation and Arabic to English translation solutions. With this initiative Babylon, developer of a renowned translation software, emphasizes that no machine translation can substitute qualified, human translators.

about arabictrans:

Arabictrans specializes in the translation of English and Arabic documents into either of these languages. It employs industry standard translation management software and standards.

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